Thursday, April 08, 2010

If you didn't believe that I was crazy...

The things I do to fill me time, eh?  Today, I decided I'd like a nice, bassy shakuhachi...  I went with 3' of the left over piping; it was waaay too hard to make a note and kept hitting harmonics, so I scaled down to the longest shak I've heard someone repeatedly make - a 2.6.  It played a note!  Great!!  Now, where the feckles do the holes go?  I used for a really awesome guide, and just like that, it played in tune!  It's in G#, to be precise!  Magical.  It actually sounds pretty nice, but you have to take it slowly with the notes, kind of letting them warm up... it's not responsive like the one I made on Tuesday! Have a listen... sorry!

I then had another tiny bit of pipe and no joints left, so I thought, "why not make a mini one?".  So I did.  It's official size is a 0.5 (only 15.5 cm - lol), but guess what... it's in tune as well!  G# again... freaky.  It's got no second (Kan) octave, though, unlike the bassy-one which always wants to jump right out into the upper-register where it plays responsively at last!

It's very interesting, this shakuhachi flute-making malarky!  Wee oop!

Here are some piccies and sounds!

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